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Creativity-Boosting Apps for Kids By Tanni Haas, Ph.D.
From making pottery and coloring books to creating cartoons
and music videos, these apps have something fun for kids of all ages!
Need some ideas to help inspire your kids to become more creative? Here are some of the very best creativity-boosting apps for kids. They’re all completely free, so encourage your kids to download an app – or two or three!
 Color Band
(Available at: Apple Appstore; Age range: 5-8)
beautiful pieces of artwork without the messiness of
real clay. They can choose to copy pre-existing pieces from different cultures, or create their own pottery from scratch. While the virtual clay is spinning on the pottery wheel, kids mold it by tapping or pressing lightly on the screen. Once they’re done, they get to fire their pottery in the kiln and then decorate their creations with colors and patterns.
Available: Apple Appstore; Age range: 13-18)
Paper is great for kids who love to draw. It resembles a digital notebook and has various tools for outlining, sketching and coloring drawings. The app makes it easy to rearrange objects on the page. Kids
incorporate them into their drawings.
Plum’s Creaturizer
(Available at: Apple Appstore; Age range: 5-8)
Color Band introduces young kids to the fun of making
music while at the same
time encouraging them to draw. It has 80 pre-recorded instruments and sound effects that are represented by different colors. Some colors contain multiple sound effects, while others include entire scales or chords. Using different colors to draw a picture,
Plum’s Creaturizer will get your kids interested in photography. Developed by PBS Kids, this award-winning app lets kids create their own colorful creatures by combining different body parts, and
they create unique musical compositions, which they can play back by waving their hands in front of the screen.
then encourages them to photograph these creatures in four different “habitats.” The photos can be combined into slideshows depicting a day in the life of their creations.
Let’s Create: Pottery
(Available at: Apple Appstore, Google Play; Age range: 9-18)
Let’s Create: Pottery teaches kids to sculpt pottery and make
can also import photos and
Story Dice – Story Telling
(Available at: Apple Appstore; Age range: 5-18)
Story Dice – Story Telling is sure to get the creative juices
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