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When your child throws a tantrum it is easy to get frustrated, overwhelmed, angry, and embarrassed, especially if the tantrum occurs in public. Unfortunately, the occasional tantrum cannot be avoided. They happen to every parent but while your child is in the throes of a fit, try to remember these tips.
 Things to Remember
When Your Child
Do not engage 3
During a tantrum the temptation can be to lecture, yell, or reason with the child. They cannot hear you or comprehend reason when they are
in the middle of a tantrum. The best thing to do is to wait it out. If you do feel the need to discuss the situation with the child, wait until later when he or she is calm and ready to listen.
Leave the scene
When the child starts to throw a tantrum, make sure they are safe, and then leave the area. Typically, if the child doesn’t have an audience to get a reaction from, the tantrum will cease. If you are
not comfortable leaving the child alone, get busy doing other things and pretend to ignore them. If the tantrum happens in public, take the child to the car or the bathroom to calm down. If the tantrum continues and the child is unable to calm down, buckle them safely in their car seat and drive home.
It is normal
The first thing to remember when your child has a tantrum is that it is normal. Tantrums are a normal way for kids to express their frustration when they may not be able to communicate their feelings appropriately. While this fact doesn’t make the tantrum any easier to deal with, it does help to know that, developmentally, this is a normal stage.
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By Sarah Lyons

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