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Despite all the uncertainties in our world these days, there is
one thing we can be certain of: Our kids need to play! And, no, summer has NOT been cancelled! Sure, summer will look a bit different this year, but there’s still plenty of family fun to be found. Whether you’re seeking at-home activities or safe adventures away from home, find something for everyone with these 100+ ideas for summer fun!
Pick berries. Bring summer home in a bucket
of berries. August is the prime time for picking blueberries. Hot spots include Chugach State Park, Denali National Park, Denali State Park, Chena River State Recreation Area, even just around Anchorage, such as Flattop Mountain Trail. Or, check out to find a farm near you.
Master a new skill together. Learn to juggle, paint, fish, play guitar, do the hula hoop, etc.
Hit the trails. Lace up those hiking boots and hit the trails for a day of fun family adventure. Check out these kid-friendly favorites at alaskaparent. com/_pages/ summer_fun/hit_ the_trails.
See wildlife up close at the 200-acre Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Bring your cameras and binoculars to catch these animals displaying their natural, “wild” behaviors. (
                Play charades. Cut out five pieces of paper for each person and have everyone write out a person, place or thing on each. Then, put them in a bowl and let the fun start.
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Check out an audiobook from a local library for your family to enjoy together.

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