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     stereotypical camp food. But, many camps offer healthy meal choices filled with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Plus, if your child has a special diet, many summer camps cater to gluten-free and other allergy/special dietary requirements.
START WITH A TEST DRIVE. If you or your child is nervous about heading to summer camp for the first time, test the waters. Is an open house offered before camp starts where you can meet the child’s counselor and van/ bus driver? Or, consider signing up for a short session to start and if your child enjoys the experience, plan for a longer, more immersing experience next summer.
DON’T DELAY! Sign up early. Many camps book up quickly and some may have limited occupancy this summer.
Find a camp your child will enjoy by checking out our Summer Camps & Programs Directory on pages 30-37.
Sources: American Camp Association,; The Camping and Education Foundation,
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