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 Take the plunge.
Sign up the kids for swimming lessons – it’s an awesome skill every kid should have. Check out your community pool for lessons, or local YMCA (ymcaalaska. org) or Alaska Club (
  Create graffiti chalk art with messages of hope on your sidewalk or driveway.
Bake and decorate cookies or cupcakes.
Create baking soda and vinegar art. Fill
a shallow pan or plate with baking soda. Add food coloring to vinegar, and let your kids drip vinegar onto the baking soda. It’ll bubble and change, and kids will get a kick out of their creations.
Visit your favorite local farmers market and make a feast out of your fresh finds. Repeat weekly. For a list of Alaska farmers markets, visit alaskafarmersmarkets. org/market-directory.
Make indoor tents and reading caves. Include flashlights, snacks, books and pillows.
Make nature bracelets. Wrap a piece of duct tape around your wrist with the sticky side up.
Take a walk around the neighborhood and stick leaves, small pebbles, sticks, and
other treasures onto your bracelet.
         Declare a Challenge Day. How fast can you run down the street? Who can find the best hiding spot? How many jumping jacks can you do? How many books or chapters can you read today?
              Record an
“I love you” video for the grandparents.
       Ask the grandparents
20 questions. ( articles/grand_relationships)
Have a paper airplane flying contest.
Watch these livestreams
of real wildlife
from Alaska.
( cfm?adfg=viewing.webcams)
For an absolutely free – and fun – family outing, head to Thunderbird Falls in Chugach State Park. The one-mile trail is suited for small children (and even strollers) and leads to a roaring waterfall. There’s a viewing platform and boardwalks.
Make a sensory tub. Place rice (or beans, oatmeal, etc.) in a box, bucket, bowl or small plastic pool. Add spoons, cups, funnels and anything else to make the experience fun, and let your kids get to work.
Pick a favorite animal and research it. Create a fact sheet about it.
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