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Go camping.
Create an obstacle course in the backyard and let the kids race.
Visit some of Alaska’s lakes. Go for a swim at Goose Lake, kayak on Eklutna Lake, jet ski on Big Lake, canoe and camp at Nancy Lake or picnic at Lake Hood and watch the planes take off at the world’s largest and busiest floatplane harbor.
Go on an A-Z nature scavenger hunt by trying to spot a natural element for every letter of
the alphabet (such as “Animal tracks,” “Bird,” “Cloud,” etc.).
            Get the scoop. July is National Ice Cream Month – a great excuse to eat ice cream. Grab a cheap soft-serve cone on the fly. Or make your own ice cream – in a bag! It’s a great activity for the kids. Get the recipe here: homemade_ice_cream_in_a_bag.
   Work on
a puzzle together. For extra fun, have kids create their own
by gluing an art creation
to a piece of cardboard and cutting it out into puzzle shapes.
   Go to summer camp. Check out the Camp Guide at
   Play a “classic” outdoor
game. Teach kids the joys of capture the flag, hopscotch and jump rope.
Make food to share. Cook or bake for your neighborhood’s first responders or essential workers.
See paragliders off the mountain in Girdwood near Alyeska Resort. June through September, paragliders soar from 10 am-10 pm. Other paragliding hot spots include Kincaid Park, Hatcher Pass in the Mat-Su Valley and Harding Lake, Fairbanks.
Create a photo scrapbook of all your fun summer adventures together. Let your kids write the captions.
Have a water bucket relay.
                 Tend a garden. Together with your child, cultivate containers of herbs, tomatoes or peppers. Take a photo each day to track the progress of the plant’s growth. Have your child put the photos in order in a journal and write down any observations. Together, prepare a meal using your child’s homegrown produce.
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summer 2020
Pitch a tent in the backyard and roast hot dogs and marshmallows if you have a fire pit (or on the grill).

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