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  Ways to Support
a New Mom 11A
 By Sarah Lyons
Stop by the store
Going to the store with a newborn and possibly older children for the first time can be a daunting task. Offer to pick up a few things the family needs. This is especially easy if you will be out running errands already. Many grocery stores now offer drive through pick up. Have the family order and pay for groceries online, then pick them up and deliver them. Helping to put them away would be an extra bonus.
Families who have newborns generally like to have company, especially if
they pitch in around the house and with the kids. However, don’t overstay your welcome. New parents tire easily. Visit
the family, bring a meal, and help out but watch for clues from
mom as to when the family would like some alone
Let her shower
A new mom may feel she doesn’t have time for basic things like a shower, rest, or time to eat a meal. One of the simplest ways to help a new mom is to hold the baby and watch the other children while she eats lunch, enjoys a relaxing shower, or takes
a short nap. When mom is rested, fed, and freshened up, it can really make her feel ready to take on the rest of the day.
djusting to having a new baby in the house can be difficult for the whole family. Sleepless nights and a change in routine can leave mom feeling overwhelmed
and exhausted. Offering support to a family with a new baby can help them adjust to their new normal. Often when you ask, mom isn’t able to think of the exact way she needs help. Here are some ideas:
   Mom may not
Take her somewhere
be able to drive for
a few weeks after birth. Offer to take
her on errands or just out for coffee. Being able to get out of the
house can do wonders for someone’s
   Ask about her
birth story
Giving birth is a huge milestone, an experience no mom will ever forget. Every birth has a story and many times, there aren’t a lot of chances to tell it. Ask about her birth story and listen. Becoming a mom is a joyful, stressful, awe inspiring, and life changing experience. Telling the birth story helps women to process and embrace this new journey.
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