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  Help with the older kids
Show support by offering to pick up the older kids, even if it’s just for a couple hours. If you are taking your own children to the park, swing by and pick up hers for the afternoon. This gets them out of the house and gives mom a break. Driving the kids to school or activities is also a big help for a family with a new baby. Time alone with baby may be just what mom needs.
Sweep the floor, fold
laundry, vacuum, or do dishes. Even a
little bit of tidying up can make a big differ- ence. A clean house during a time of transition
can bring order to a time that feels chaotic. However, mom may prefer to clean herself.
Offer to care for the baby and other children while she works on
a household project.
Bring a gift for mom
Many people bring gifts for the baby, but mom is usually the one doing all the work. Bring a snack or treat for mom to enjoy. Other great gifts are ones that pamper mom or make her feel beautiful and comfortable in her postpartum body. Lotion, perfume, a new nightgown, or slippers are some good ideas. A delivery of flowers is another great way to bring cheer and make mom feel special.
   Set up a train
When one meal just doesn’t
cover it, set up a meal train using websites like or Discuss with the family the most convenient dates and times to deliver meals and solicit friends to fill all the open spots. Social media is a great place to recruit people you might not think to ask.
It’s important to ask mom what would help her. Would she prefer to have help with housework? Would she like you to hold the baby while she gets some things done? Some moms would prefer to have someone to chat with for a while and some moms may want to get out of the house for a bit. Offer several options and see what sounds most appealing to the new mom. Any offer to help is always appreciated by a family adjusting to having a new baby in the house. winter 2020/21 alaska parent 33
An important
tip for anyone chatting with a new
mom is to listen but don’t give advice unless you are asked. It can be
frustrating and overwhelming to get unsolicited advice
from everyone she bumps
Don’t give advice
Provide a meal
Friends and family often send versatile casseroles like lasagna after
the new baby is home. Try thinking outside the 13x9 pan. Why not bring the family the fixings for
breakfast and lunch rather than just dinner? Stock the freezer with easy, ready to make items like pizza, pasta dishes, soups and crock pot meals. Then the family
can pull something out of the freezer when they are not up for cooking. Crunched for time or
don’t feel like making an extra meal? Bring the family their favorite
takeout or send a gift card.
  Help around the house

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