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  Play HORSE. Use your basketball hoop or one at
the park to play a challenging game of HORSE. With little ones, set up a mini basketball net next to the real one.
Turn your children’s art or your photos into masterpieces with the Google Arts & Culture’s Art Transfer app. ( camera/art-transfer)
Send your long-distance family and friends some homemade postcards.
Have fun on the farm. Visit a local farm to bottle feed a calf, scratch a goat behind its ears, see food being pulled from the ground
– or, if possible, witness an animal giving birth. Try and
Visit Alaska’s only historic theme park: Pioneer Park. In the summer, attractions include a miniature passenger train that meanders through the park, mini-golf, a carousel, food vendors, a playground and free daily outdoor concerts. (
            Have a family dance party. It gets everyone happy and provides much needed exercise for all.
Have an indoor scavenger hunt. Find three items that are red, four items that are blue, etc., or a theme by category hunt.
     Make a masterpiece with shaving cream
This fun activity will make any kid (young or old) feel like an accomplished artist!
• Shaving cream (avoid gels)
• Food coloring
• Paper (light-colored construction paper or card stock)
• Paper towels
• Cookie sheet or
other flat, nonporous washable surface, covered with aluminum foil (optional)
• Fork, spoon or toothpicks for stirring
• Spatulas
• Apron or play clothes (it can get messy!)
• Hand wipes to remove any food coloring on the skin
Cover your work surface with a plastic or paper covering, then cut the paper into half sheets (8 1/2”x5 1/2”). Squirt a generous amount of shaving cream on the foil-covered cookie sheet. Using a silicone spatula, spread the shaving cream out until it is flat (about
1” thick), and slightly larger than the size of the paper. Lightly drop food coloring on top of the shaving cream. (Limiting your design to two to three colors produces the best results.) Lightly drag the fork, spoon or toothpicks through the shaving cream and color, creating patterns. Press the paper lightly on top of
the shaving cream mixture, rubbing the paper gently to ensure good contact with the surface of the shaving cream. Remove the paper and lay it on top of a clean, covered work surface. Scrape the shaving cream off with a plastic spatula, wiping the spatula each time with a paper towel. The shaving cream is removed but the color remains, creating amazing artwork! Lay flat to dry.
  Note: Due to COVID-19, some attractions may have adjusted or closed some of their amenities. Call ahead to verify availability.
For more fun things to do this summer, check out our Out & About calendar on page 42 and our online Calendar at
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