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Winter 2020/21
8 what’s online
10 health & wellness health news for the
whole family
16 let’s eat
‘tis the season for fun food art
18 the early years when your child throws
a tantrum
budget-friendly holiday traditions
celebrate the season with these low-cost tips
24 gifts kids can give on a small budget
handmade items that are sure to bring smiles
the birth & baby guide
30 before the baby planning for your pregnancy
32 11 ways to support a new mom
tips and ideas for how you can help
34 body after baby be prepared for these changes in your body
35 special delivery saying thanks to your
birth attendants
37 smart start
10 brain-building games to play with your baby
39 know when to go
when to take your sick baby to the doctor
41 fun & wacky calendar 42 out & about calendar
45 advertiser index
46 caught in the moment
even heroes need hugs
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23 holiday gift guide
great ideas for the whole family
     4 alaska parent
winter 2020/21

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