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  “Kindness to me means helping people, being nice, and making a difference.
Kindness means making sure people are OK when they fall down. Helping people to carry their food to the car. Holding open doors for those who have their hands full or need help going in and out.
Kindness means helping homeless people to have warm clothes and food to eat. Stopping and talking to them, giving them a smile, letting them know they are seen.
Kindness means filling up the food and cat bowls so the animals aren’t hungry.
Kindness means helping out around the house.
Kindness means checking in with your friends when you haven’t talked for awhile.
Kindness means learning what people need and helping them to fill those needs.
Kindness means looking at the world and seeing how you can make a difference, by yourself or by getting friends and the community to help.
Kindness means taking care of your family. Helping your dad when he is working on a project. Doing the dishes for mom. Helping my brother clean his room. Holding my grandparents hands as we walk across the ice.”
— Arabella, 9, 4th grade, Polaris K-12, Anchorage
“Kindness in a Time of Struggle:
Kindness matters. During 2020 people were dealing with a pandemic. Staying home, wearing masks, worrying about getting sick, and concerns of having their needs met can be difficult during this time. Being kind to one another can make these things a little easier.
Kindness makes people feel that they matter. The Covid-19 pandemic gives us lots of opportunities to be kind to others. When we wear masks, it helps protects others from the virus. We can offer to pick up groceries or items for people from the store. Staying home as much as possible reduces the chances of you getting sick, but also of spreading illness. Another way to spread kindness is by calling or sending letters to loved ones because it can be very hard not being able to see friends and family. These acts of kindness make people feel loved.”
— Lydia, 11, 5th grade, IDEA Homeschool, Juneau
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