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something, read to them. One way my 90-year-old grandmother loves to keep up with her grandkids and great-grandkids is to hop on Facebook daily to check out status updates and photos.
Make sure you have plenty of photos of your grandchildren around your home and send photos
of yourself to them as well. You want them to get to know you as well, and it’s so easy these days to create photo books and books of stories from your childhood for them on a site like Mixbook. Check out the Marco Polo app for a FaceTime meets voicemail experience, where you get to leave and receive video messages, and they don’t disappear... you can save them on Marco Polo indefinitely and also save them to your phone or forward them to other family members.
Plan Regular Visits and Special Trips
Carissa Jones, mom of eight, shares: “Both sets of grandparents take small groups of one to two kids home with them. My parents take the kids to their home for their 10th birthday and they have a special long weekend together that each kid has anticipated in the months leading up to their birthday.”
Ready for a Fun Visit
When it’s time for the kids to come to your home, make sure you have a stash of games, books and universal toys (think Legos and Magna-Tiles) so they feel at home. Scout out local indoor trampoline parks, nature centers, kid-friendly restaurants and other activities that you can all do together during the visit.
Despite distance, you can form close bonds with your grandchildren and ensure you play a key role in their lives. Carissa Jones sums it up nicely: “I think much like parenting, relationships are built on the foundation of time together and on traditions.”
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 Book recommendations:
• Connect with Your Grandkids: Fun Ways to Bridge the Miles
by Cheri Fuller
• Long-Distance Grandparenting: Connecting with Your Grandchildren from Afar
by Willma Willis Gore
• Virtual Grandma: A how-to guide on “virtually connecting” with little ones up to age five using FaceTime, Skype, and other apps
by Alison Hillhouse
• Long Distance Grandma: Staying Connected Across the Miles
by Janet Teitsort
• The Long-Distance Grandmother: How to Stay Close to Distant Grandchildren
by Selma Wassermann

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