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 A parent’s go-to guide for age-appropriate chores
We’ve tapped experts and veteran parents to create the following list of chores for children from ages 2 to teen. The list is only meant as a guide and reflects the types of chores that many children in specific age ranges are capable of completing. Knowing that every child matures at a different pace, adjust this chart to what you know about your children’s skills and talents.
Have a chore list that’s withering on the wall? According to AACAP, the key to getting kids to do regular chores is to “set clear and
• Put toys away
• Help dust
• Throw away trash
• Put dirty clothes in hamper • Help move clothes from
reasonable expectations.” Be specific with tasks: Instead of “clean your room,” tell them exactly what needs to be done (“make your bed” and “put toys away”). Also, be consistent with rules and expectations to avoid confusion and frustration. And finally, be positive: Offering praise and “thank yous” often mean more to kids than parents think.
Tip: Is your child struggling with a chore? Try re-teaching the skill or breaking it into smaller, more manageable tasks.
 2-3 YEARS
 washer to dryer
• Wipe cabinets
• Put clothes in drawer
10-11 YEARS
• Clean toilets
• Sew buttons
• Make a simple meal
• Read to younger siblings
Previous chores, plus: • Make bed
• Feed pets
• Dress themselves • Water house plants • Fold dish towels
• Pull weeds
• Wipe up spills
12-15 YEARS
Previous chores, plus: • Change bed sheets • Wash/dry clothes • Do yard work
  6-7 YEARS
Previous chores, plus:
• Mow lawn
• Wash the car inside and out • Watch younger siblings
• Wash windows and mirrors • Make a complete meal
• Scrub tub/shower
• Clean the refrigerator
Previous chores, plus:
• Grocery shopping
• Run errands
• Organize the pantry
• Plan and prepare dinners occasionally
Previous chores, plus:
• Sweep floors
• Help set and clear table • Help put away groceries • Hang/fold laundry
• Rake leaves
• Help with meal prep
  (mix, stir and cut with a dull knife)
• Make a basic meal, like a sandwich
16 & UP
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Previous chores, plus:
• Vacuum
• Load and unload dishwasher • Wipe tables and countertops • Clean microwave
• Take trash bin to the curb
• Bring in mail
• Walk the dog

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