Unplug & Play!

Get those hands and minds working and sharpen those skills with these fun puzzles, board games and more for kids of all ages, ranging from 18 months to teens.

Puzzles for Little Hands

Suuuper Size Animal Puzzle Match
Suuuper Size Puzzle Animal Match is a very large and colorful 34-piece floor puzzle and matching activity that encourages toddlers to play creatively in a variety of ways. Assemble 6 puzzles with different animals, match baby animals to their parents or combine them all to form one large picture! Ages: 2+. Visit bananapanda.com.

Jumbo Triceratops Floor Puzzle
Turn your child’s natural fascination with dinosaurs into an early curiosity about paleontology! This double-sided foam puzzle offers twice the play value, and is extra easy to assemble. One side is a Triceratops – the reverse is a Triceratops skeleton. Over 4 feet long, the puzzle includes 20 pieces made from soft but sturdy foam that’s safe for little hands (and living room floors)! It’s the perfect way to help children build fine motor skills, practice solving problems, and develop their hand-eye coordination. Ages: 3+. Visit learningresources.com.

Observation Puzzle Space
Exceptional play and educational value both kids and parents will love! A universe of surprises awaits in this educational 60-piece puzzle. Once the puzzle is completed, kids can search for the objects in the picture frame. Space facts are included on a double-sized educational poster. Ages: 4+. Visit bananapanda.com.

BIG Picture Puzzles
This Plus-Plus Big size is perfect for smaller hands or bigger ideas. Well-suited for preschool and early learning environments, this set brings endless fun to kids who are developing their motor skills and recognizing colors, patterns and sorting – all while mixing play and creativity! This picture puzzle includes 60 basic color big pieces and 7 puzzle flash cards. Every puzzle has two sides – a challenge and a solution. Ages: 18 months +. Visit plus-plus.us.

Wooden Puzzle Construction Site
What's going on at the construction site? With these wooden puzzles, your child will discover many fascinating activities while learning to differentiate sizes and colors. Ages: 12 months +. Visit habausa.com.

Magnetic U.S. Map Puzzle
This fun, interactive puzzle map will help little learners learn geography-state names, landmarks, plants, animals and more! Each of the 44 pieces matches an outline to help children put the correct piece in the correct spot. Also great for working on fine motor skills. Ages: 4+. Visit learningresources.com.

Entertaining Card Games for Kids

Super Me
Save the day through play! Super Me reinforces empathy, helping others, and social skills for young kids. The cards are also a perfect size to take anywhere and play anytime. Ages: 4-6. Visit hoyleplay.com.

Seal Squad
The fishy game of cooperation, Seal Squad encourages teamwork, simple strategy, and decision-making for kids. Gather your siblings, children, grandparents, cousins, and friends to make teams and work together to collect as many fish as possible. Ages: 6-8. Visit hoyleplay.com.

6 In 1 Fun Pack
Enjoy the classic kids’ card games! Favorites Go Fish, Slap Jack, Memory, Matching, Old Maid, and Crazy Eights now have fun-filled updated graphics. Each game features a unique theme and is simple to set up, easy to learn and can be played in 15 minutes or less. Ages: 3+. Visit hoyleplay.com.

Board Games for Teens and Adults

Shuffle Grand Prix
Great for family game nights with older kids and teens, Shuffle Grand Prix invokes strategic thinking and problem solving in a thrilling battle to the finish line. This competitive game features 8 unique drivers with special abilities, a retro video game art-style and is highly replayable. Ages: 13+. Visit bicyclecards.com.

The incredibly popular, multi-award winning Catan is packed with buying, bartering and problem-solving opportunities for a fun-filled family night. It's similar to Risk in the sense that players get to build and maintain their own civilizations, but even a lengthy game shouldn't take more than two hours. Great fun for teens and grown-ups alike. Ages 10+. Visit catan.com.

The Game of Wolf
Which is stronger? The Lone Wolf or the Pack? Find out in this strategic trivia game where friend quickly becomes foe! As the Wolf, pick your pack members based on their knowledge of the subject or go Lone Wolf for a chance at double the points! The Pack or Lone Wolf that answers the most correct of the five questions wins the point for that round! Will you go it alone, Wolf? Or will you choose strength in numbers? These are the critical choices you’ll make to be top dog in The Game of Wolf! Ages: 14+. Visit graymattersgames.com.