Made-in-Alaska – for kids

Check out these sweet, smart and stylish products for children, all made locally – and with love.

Animal ears, embroidered sleeping faces and whimsical fabrics make these Sleepy Creatures the perfect companion for any child. No detachable parts to pose a risk to small kids. Made by 14 Mile Farm,

Fun animal prints, flowers and even tie-dye – these skirts and matching bows will make any kid want to give a twirl. A stretchy waist and headband mean they’re sure to fit and kids won’t outgrow them right away. Custom orders accepted. Made by Counting Twirls,

Keep your baby close and bundled safe with a loom-woven, hand-dyed baby wrap. These locally crafted baby wraps comply with the F-2907 mandatory federal sling safety standard and are intended for use with infants and young children between 8-35 lbs. Made by Cauldron & Cloth,

Doodle Fish has pages full of creative, intricate doodles of Alaska’s fish for fun coloring. Bonus: Each image has interesting facts about the fish. Made by FJ Creations,

Designed with a unique Alaskan character in mind, Dupree dolls are perfect for creative play with everyday activities. Best if reserved for light play, unless you custom order a doll for play. Made by Dupree Dolls,

Each of these beautiful vinyl stickers is designed, drawn and printed in Homer. They are high-grade, durable weatherproof vinyl making them long-lasting, even on water bottles, skateboards, cars and more. Made by FJ Creations,

Fun flippers and zipper mouths will make any kid – or teen – excited to show off their new whale backpack at school. Made with repurposed fabrics, and 5 percent of annual profits made by Homer Whales are donated to the North Gulf Oceanic Society, a whale research center based in Homer. Made by Homer Whales,

In a charming tale of fun and fantasy, a boy in the coastal town of Homer dreams of being a pirate. Pirates of Kachemak Bay depicts his discovery of the coastline – including a glossary of terms identifying local sea life – and standing up for his little sister in a time of need. Made by Pendleton Fine Arts,

A must-have for any Alaska girl, these cotton spandex headbands are very stretchy but stay put to keep down fly-aways and to warm foreheads – plus they are made with fabulous prints. Made by Kuspuks by Chloe,

Reversible, warm and with a pixie- or gnome-like pointed hood, pathfinder vests are sure to make any kid smile. Available with rounded or pixie hood and flutter sleeves. Kids sizes 1-14, and adult sizes coming soon. Made by The Pretty Puffin,

Zippered pouches lined with food-safe, waterproof material, these reusable snack bags a perfect substitute for plastic options from the store. Pack them with berries, nuts or a sandwich. Made by Kuspuks by Chloe,

Tons of whimsical prints with florals, wildlife and fantasy creatures make kids excited about these Grow With Me pants – parents are excited because there are just two sizes: babies (3-12 months) and toddlers (6 months to 3T). Made by The Pretty Puffin,

Retired wine and whiskey barrels made from sturdy White Oak are upcycled into these handcrafted chairs and tables. Orders accepted with lead times of about two weeks. Made by Alaska Barrel Crafters,

Stay warm in Alaska style with this buffalo check pillbox-styled hat with a strap to keep it snugly secured. The fleece is warm and soft to the touch, so kids will love it. Made by Warm Memories,

For those quick trips between the car and the store, or wearing your baby while adventuring outside, the fleece-lined Nordic Baby is a cover designed to insulate and protect your baby in inclement weather. Features three levels of drawstring for a custom fit. Made by Nordic Baby,

Yukon Rack bunk beds break down for easy transport and they require no tools for assembly, making them perfect for a camping trip. Or you can set them up in the living room for a fun sleepover. Each bunch holds 300 lbs, so kids and their friends can climb on. Made by Yukon Rack,

Kids will love taking these fleece fruits and vegetables into their play kitchen for make-believe cooking and tea parties. Includes three carrots, and one tomato, pear, red apple and peelable banana. Plus, unlike real fruit, you can clean them by tossing them in the washing machine. Made by The Sewing Diva,

Take a beloved, simple game on the road or on a hike with these cloth tic-tac-toe bags. Comes with two sets of five rocks. Name customization is available. Made by Cut it Out AK,

Teach the alphabet in an Alaskan fashion, with these beautifully designed alphabet cards with words specific to our great state, including blueberries, lynx, qiviut and 23 others. Made by Wren and the Raven,

Soothe dry elbows, eczema, patches, cradle cap or wind-chapped cheeks with Kheyleve’s line of natural baby skin products. No fragrances or essential oils – just tallow, beeswax, cocoa butter and avocado oil. Made by Kheyleve Naturals,

Teens losing earbuds and misplacing their phones? Order a special pouch or case to carry their glasses, earbuds and phones. Custom orders for school colors or specific patterns available. Made by Snowflake Stitches,

Play restaurant and serve each other a fleece breakfast with two pancakes (one with syrup and butter and one plain), an egg and a slice of bacon. Bonus: if you spill real food on your play food, they are made with washing machine- and dryer-safe, nonpilling fleece. Made by The Sewing Diva,

Colds spread fast through families – at first sign of a cold or flu, take a few drops of the Cold & Flu Begone Tincture orally to fight colds and flus. Helps ease fevers, decongest, reduce inflammation, sooth sore throats and lessen aches and pains. Safe for babies 6 months and older. Made by Village Herbals,

Available in small, medium and GIANT sizes, these plushie whales are perfect playmates for kids of all sizes or great throw pillows. Plus, they’re all made from locally sourced repurposed clothes, so you can throw them in the washing machine to clean them. Made by Homer Whales,

Measure kids’ growth in a fun way, growing from the moose at the bottom all the way towards the eagle at the top of this vinyl growth chart. Suitable for indoor or outdoor hanging - two grommets on the top make it easy to move around. Chart measures 15” by 48”. Made by Wren and the Raven,

Bright colors and geometric patterns will get kids reaching for these five stacking rings. Little tags on the sides encourage fine motor skills. All items are made from non-pilling cotton, including the pole, to keep babies safe from accidental bumps. Made by The Sewing Diva,

No chemicals, no oils or fragrances – Just Lippy is pure moisturizing power for lips of all ages. Perfect for anyone sensitive to fragrances found in other lip balms. Made by Kheyleve Naturals,