Rekindle the Romance:

52 Creative Date Night Ideas

Are you skipping date night with your spouse? If so, you may want to rethink the amount of time you rendezvous with the one you love. Research shows that couples who spend time together every week enjoy higher-quality relationships.

What better way to have one-on-one time than date night? No matter what your interests, personality or financial status, there are date night ideas to suit everyone. Hire a sitter, trade child care with another couple, or plan a date night at home after the kids are in bed. Try one of these 52 creative ways to date your mate – one for every week of the year!


◊    Play some soft music and eat take-out by candlelight.

◊    Stargaze. Find a spot away from city lights and look at the Milky Way, Orion’s Belt or possibly a shooting star. Alaska has plenty of places where you can see the northern lights.

◊    Rent bikes and ride around town. If you feel really adventurous, try a tandem bike.

◊    Visit a local pool hall. Shoot pool and play darts.

◊    Treat each other to an at-home spa night with bubble bath, foot rubs and massages.

◊    Have a picnic in the park.


◊    Make your most exquisite meal at home. Use silverware, China, candles and cloth napkins.

◊    Take a glacier dinner cruise.
(Idea: Kenai Fjords Cruise)

◊    Dine at a restaurant that has live music and entertainment like jazz, blues or theatre.
(Ideas: Local Venues)

◊    Take a horse-drawn carriage ride around the city at night.

◊    Have a progressive dinner. Eat an appetizer, entree and dessert at three different restaurants.


◊    Make popcorn and enjoy a romantic movie like Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sleepless in Seattle or The Notebook.

◊    Play a board game for couples like Scene It?, Squabble or Battle of the Sexes.

◊    Make your own drinks and sip them on the patio.

◊    Take a trip down memory lane. Get out old photos or family home movies and spend some time reminiscing.

◊    Build a roaring fire in an outdoor firepit, make s’mores, and snuggle.

◊    Camp out in your backyard.


◊    Visit an amusement park and ride all the roller coasters.

◊    Take SCUBA diving certification classes together. Plan a trip to an exotic place to scuba dive.
(Idea: Dive Alaska)

◊    Take a helicopter ride and land on a glacier. If you really want a thrill, sky dive out of the plane. (Idea: Alaska Helicopter Tours)

◊    For a fun and adrenaline-inducing date night idea, try an escape room.
(Idea: Alaska Escape Rooms)

◊    Race go-karts.

◊    Climb the walls together at a rock gym. (Idea: Alaska Rock Gym)

◊    Go axe throwing together. It’s fun, exciting and a great stress reliever.
(Idea: Frosted Axe Throwing)


◊    Go kayaking or canoeing together.

◊    Take a scenic float trip on a river.
(Ideas: Alaska River Tours; Alaska Rivers Company)

◊    Explore an ice cave together.
(Ideas: Alaska Ice Caves)

◊    Go camping in a tent. Pack a double sleeping bag to encourage lots of snuggle time in the great outdoors.

◊    Go glamping – it’s perfect if one or both of you prefer the comforts of home (electricity, indoor plumbing, real beds). Rent a safari tent, cabin, yurt or even a treehouse. (Ideas: Glamping Hub)

◊    Go on an outdoor treasure hunt by geocaching. Using a GPS, treasure seekers enter a specific set of coordinates and then attempt to find a hidden container at the location. (Ideas: Geocache Alaska)

◊    Go tidepooling. (Idea: Homer Tidepools)


◊    Visit your local planetarium. There is something romantic about viewing constellations in the night sky, even if it is indoors.
(Idea: Anchorage Museum Planetarium)

◊    Audition for a part in a community theatre production together.

◊    Paint pottery for each other at a paint-your-own pottery workshop or take a “paint night” class together. (Ideas: Color Me Mine; Just Add Paint AK; Paint with Sara)

◊    Take a self-guided walking tour of your town and check out shops and attractions along the way. (Ideas: Walking Tours)

◊    Stroll through the local farmers markets and snag some fresh produce, baked goods and seafood. Then make a scrumptious meal for the evening.

◊    Pack a picnic and attend a live concert on your city’s green.


◊    Serve together at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. It’s amazing how helping others can bring you closer together. (Ideas: Alaska Foodbanks)

◊    Volunteer at a community garden. Grow your relationship along with some vegetables and donate your harvest to a soup kitchen.

◊    Love animals? Volunteer at your local humane society. (Idea: Alaska SPCA)

◊    Volunteer as a docent, greeter, or server at one of your favorite charity events.

◊    Buy tickets to a charity gala. Dress up in a tuxedo and evening gown, have a glamorous night and help others.


◊    Go to a carnival, fair or festival. Ride the rides, visit booths and eat food on a stick.

◊    Go putt-putting. (Idea: Putters Wild)

◊    Visit a farm and take a hay ride. (Idea: Pyrah's Pioneer Peak Farm)

◊    Go to the zoo. (Idea: Alaska Zoo)

◊    Play arcade games or laser tag. (Ideas: Extreme Fun Centers; Laser Tag Alaska)


◊    Go hiking together. (Ideas: Alaska Hikes)

◊    Take a dance lesson together. Whether you pick a steamy salsa, intimate tango or flirty cha cha, it will be good for your heart both physically and romantically. (Idea: Fred Astaire Dance Studio)

◊    Run a marathon. Cross the finish line together. (Ideas: Alaska Marathons)

◊    Take a fitness class together. (Idea: The Alaska Club)

◊    Go roller skating or ice skating. If you don’t know how, you'll have to cling to each other the whole time, making it even more fun!