Your guide to healthy, safe, green and non-toxic food, toys, and baby care products.


Tip: Select toys that are made from natural materials. Like solid wood (either unfinished or with a non-toxic finish), fabric (organic cotton, hemp, or wool), or bamboo.


• Made in the USA, Canada, Japan, or Europe (other countries may have lax safety regulations).

• FSC certified wood (sustainable forestry).

• ACMI AP certification (non-toxic craft supplies).


• Pressed or layered woods (pressed woods often use toxic glues to keep layers together).

• Lights and sounds (mercury in small batteries).

• Cheap metal jewelry (often contains high levels of lead).

• Play cosmetics (often contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals).

• #3 (PVC) plastic (may contain lead or phthalates).


Tip: Buy fewer products and use them in smaller amounts.


• Products with the most ingredients you can pronounce.

• Products with the USDA Certified Organic Seal.

• Locally made products.


• The Toxic 10 Ingredients: Parabens Phthalates DMDM Hydantoin Fragrance Triclosan Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate Toluene Formaldehyde PEGs anything with “Glycol” or “Methyl”

• Baby powders and talc (they can irritate baby’s lungs).


Tip: Go organic.


For babies…

• Of the formulas, powdered formula is best. Liquid formula is second best if it is in a safe plastic container. If you must get liquid formula in a can, get concentrated (then dilute with filtered water).

• Baby food in glass or safer plastic jars (#1,2,4, or 5).

• Soups and soymilk packaged in cartons by Tetra Pak and SIG Combibloc (made of safer plastic and are recyclable).

For children…

• Fresh or frozen fruits and veggies.

• Whole grain and multi-grain breads and crackers.

• Ingredients for recipes your child helps choose. If they’re involved in the process, they’re more likely to eat it.


• Pre-packaged or individually packaged food.

• Metal cans lined with BPA resin and polycarbonate plastic containers.

• Foods with high fructose corn syrup, unnecessary additives or preservatives, and synthetic coloring.

• Foods with more toxic residues: meat, poultry, dairy, apples, bell peppers, celery, cherries, imported grapes, nectarines, peaches, pears, potatoes, raspberries, strawberries, spinach. Always buy the organic options of these foods.

Source: Healthy Child World: The non-profit leader inspiring parents to protect young children from harmful chemicals. Visit


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