Never-be-bored books

This winter season, if you need some creative ideas for occupying your kids (or just tearing them away from the TV and computer), these books are for you! Find hundreds of activities, arts and crafts and games to help entertain, educate and engage kids of all ages.

Tape It & Wear It: 60 Duct Tape Activities To Make and Wear

by Richela Fabian Morgan (Author)

We’ve seen it all, duct tape toys, wallets, cell phone cases, and tote bags — all amazingly creative projects that prove just how versatile this tool drawer staple can be; and it doesn’t end there. Trend watchers have spotted the next stage of the duct tape revolution...and they’re not just watching it, they’re wearing it! Duct tape clothing has been featured on shows like Project Runway, on red carpets across the nation, and even at proms. (Barron’s Educational Series, September 1, 2014)

All Ages

Unplug & Play! 50 Games That Don’t Need Charging

by Brad Berger (Author), Lucie Rice (Illustrator)

This book encourages people to come together for a few minutes – or a few hours – for challenging and fun games that require virtually nothing more than pens and paper. The 50 fun technology-free games will test each player’s ability to strategize, bluff, read minds, memorize, think quickly and solve puzzles. Great for trips, family outings, youth groups or a fun night at home. (Keller International Publishing Corp; 1 edition, January 31, 2014)

Ages: 10-99

Doodle and Activity Placemats: With 36 Tear-Out Doodle Placemats!

by Carlton Publishing Group (Author)

Fill their plates and their imaginations with a heaping helping of doodles, games and other fun activities. The rugged, tear-out cardstock pages double as placemats! Each page features fun artistic prompts that will inspire children to get creative while they chow down…design while they dine… imagine while they munch…you get the idea. Guaranteed to keep young artists happy before, during and after mealtime. (Barron’s Educational Series, October 1, 2014)

Ages: 6-9

My Airplane Trip Activity Book

by Becky J. Radtke (Author)

From following the maze that leads a taxi to the airport to counting the suitcases at baggage claim, this little book is loaded with puzzles and coloring fun. Crosswords, secret codes, word searches and other activities will help kids look forward to their trip and keep them busy along the way. (Dover Publications; Act edition, August 20, 2014)

Ages: 3-11

Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments: From Boiling Ice and Exploding Soap to Erupting Volcanoes and Launching Rockets, 30 Inventive Experiments to Excite the Whole Family!

by Mike Adamick (Author)

Get ready to take curiosity to the next level! Inside you’ll find step-by-step instructions for a wide variety of science experiments like floating ice and exploding candy, as well as a “Why It Works” section so dad won’t be stumped by, “But Dad, why…” questions. Plus, the experiments included can be completed with items found around the house, or inexpensive supplies from the grocery store. Get ready to learn the science behind a variety of experiments, and bring out the mad scientist in you. (Adams Media, May 18, 2013)

Age: 8-12

101 Kids Activities That Are the Bestest, Funnest Ever!

by Holly Homer and Rachel Miller (Authors)

Never again will you hear the all-too-common call of, “I’m bored!” with this kid-pleaser for many ages. Whether your kid is 3, 5 or 12 years old, there are hundreds of fun, educational and engaging activities in this book — from making edible play dough to creating a balance beam obstacle course. Includes tips for adjusting according to your child’s age. Great entertainment solutions for parents, relatives and babysitters. (Page Street Publishing, June 10, 2014)

Ages: 3-12

642 Things to Write About: Young Writer’s Edition Diary

by 826 Valencia (Author), Miranda Tsang (Introduction)

Write a to-do list for a villain. Describe your dream tree house. Create a haiku about your shoes. Young writers will get their creative juices flowing with this collection of smart, funny and thought-provoking writing exercises. Kids can open to any page to find inspiration, express themselves, and jump-start their literary genius. Collected from the clever minds of 826 Valencia, this book is the ultimate playground for imaginative children. (Chronicle Books; Jou edition, March 4, 2014)

Ages: 8-12