8 Great Winter Birthday Parties

By Michelle Shirk

Celebrating your children’s milestones is one of the best parts of being a parent. Unfortunately, kids with winter birthdays may feel like they have fewer options for fun than their friends who were born in milder weather. Don’t worry – below you’ll find a roundup of seasonally appropriate party ideas guaranteed to be just as much fun as an outdoor summer birthday bash!

Pizza Party – Contact area pizza joints to ask about their party options. Some restaurants offer special packages that include kitchen tours or make-your-own pizza experiences. Of course, you could also purchase cheese, pepperoni, pineapple, etc., and put on a similar party in the comfort of your own home.

Active Affair – Would you rather see young party guests moving than sitting? Gyms and gymnastic facilities often provide action-packed party itineraries filled with games and activities. Or, try your local YMCA or similar site. The Alaska Club, for example, opens its pools for two hours of splashing birthday fun.

Skating Soiree – Embrace the season by planning your celebration at an indoor or outdoor ice rink. When it’s time for refreshments, offer guests a hot chocolate bar featuring tasty toppings like whipped cream, flavored marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles.

Bowling Bash – For good, old-fashioned fun and value, it’s tough to beat this classic party idea. Book a couple of lanes, order some pizza, then let the friendly competition begin! Many alleys also have optional bumpers and lighter weight balls, guaranteeing that even young partygoers get a chance at a decent score.

Museum Mania – Combine fun and learning by holding your child’s party at a nearby museum. Some facilities offer hands-on play and special party packages. The Anchorage Museum, for example, customizes the activity based on the interests of the party (art, animals, space, science).

Arty Party – If your kid is the creative type, consider celebrating his birthday with art. You can preassemble materials and guide guests through a few different art activities, or encourage everyone to collaborate on one large project like a mural or cardboard playhouse. At the end of the party, send guests home boxes of crayons, markers or chalk to encourage continued creativity.

Movie Night – Even in this age of Netflix and Amazon Prime, heading out to see a movie still feels like a special outing. Planning your child’s party at a movie theater ensures both entertainment and snacks will be covered. For potential party picks this winter, browse imdb.com for movie ideas and release dates.

Overnight Excursion – For a child who prefers one-on-one fun to large group gatherings, an overnight hotel stay with family members or a single close friend may be the perfect solution. The birthday boy or girl will have a blast swimming in the hotel indoor pool and raiding the vending machines. A single night in a moderately priced hotel may even cost less than a traditional party!

Didn’t find your perfect party on this list? You could also host your event at the local roller rink, zoo, bounce house, trampoline center, ice cream parlor . . . the possibilities are endless! At the end of the day, as long as you’ve got good friends, family and a delicious birthday treat or two, your child’s celebration is certain to be a success.