Got some fussy eaters? Make meal and snack times interesting with these easy-to-make fun foods.

Bonus: Try one (or more!) as a family-friendly edible activity. Kids of all ages will enjoy building their creation – and eating it too!

Octopus Pizza

Bring the ocean to life by making these Octopus Pizzas with your kids. Not only are they a creative lunch option, but they also come with a lesson about the sea. Now that's eating with purpose!  

Get the recipe here. 

Turkey Vegetable Tray

This festive Turkey veggie tray is perfect for a Thanksgiving get together or fall party. It’s not too difficult to assemble, so let the kids help. Your guests will love it! 

Get the tutorial here.

Apple Peanut Butter Teeth

Easy to make with just three ingredients (apple slices, peanut butter and mini marshmallows), these cute apple teeth make a great fall treat – and will bring a SMILE to any face!  

Get the recipe here.

Sugar Wafer Pencil Cookies

Go ahead, kids, chew on your pencils! This fun back-to-school treat is made with sugar wafers, candy melts and chocolate chips. 

Get the tutorial here

Banana Penguins 

Dipped in chocolate and decorated with M&M’s or Reese’s Pieces, these perfect penguins are sure to attract even the pickiest snacker in your house.

Get the recipe here.  

Butterfly Quesadilla

Transform a boring quesadilla into a beautiful butterfly. It’s simple: Green grapes, blueberries and carrots complete the pretty picture.

Get the instructions here

Bear Paw Cupcakes

These coconut and oreo-topped cupcakes are paws-itively adorable!  

Get the recipe here.  

Fluffy Bunny Pancakes

If your kids like pancakes, they’ll love this cute bunny all dressed up with banana slices, miniature chocolate chips, whipped cream and shredded coconut. Short on time? You can substitute pancake mix. 

Get the tutorial here.  

Fruit & Vegetable Bug Snacks

Such a fun idea! Bring out your child’s inner artist with these healthy fruit and vegetable bug snacks. Get the recipe here

Pig Party Ice Cream Cones

These pig cones are perfect for a farm party theme. Use strawberry ice cream, candy eyes, and bubble gum for this creation. 

Get the details here.  


Chocolate Pudding Bears

Add a simple decoration to your bowls of chocolate pudding to make them extra special – and so beary cute! These treats would be fun to serve at a birthday party, a teddy bear picnic, or a baby shower.  

Get the recipe here.