Healthy Kids, Super Kids Advanced Workshop

Discover how to unleash the healing superpowers within your child's body at this dynamic educational workshop!
We have the blessing of seeing families from all walks of life; different cultures, diets, backgrounds, histories, belief systems….but they all have one thing in common: they want a better life for their kids than they had themselves.

Some of the families we talk to believe they are victims of their "genetics"; "well, it's in our family, so…." and they create a thinking error not only for themselves but pass that mentality on to their children.

On April 25th at 6 PM we will be hosting WFC's annual SUPERKIDS Advanced Workshop and discussing the science of epigenetics; essentially those factors which control the genes themselves to turn on or turn off. We'll be shattering the "genetic predispositions" mentality and enlighten you by giving solid ACTION STEPS that YOUR FAMILY can take NOW to not only maximize the genetic potential you were born with but harness the power to transform generations to come. Now that's a SuperPower!

Thursday, 25 April, 2019



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