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        Stay bear safe while out this summer with the Counter Assault Bear Spray Chest Holster, keeping bear spray at easy reach, front and center. Wear the strap over your left or right shoulder, with or without a backpack, under or over a coat – its versatility will serve you on any trip. Available locally at REI or online at counterassault. com.
Soothing oils and sun protectants combined make Elevated SUN! Natural Sunscreen a vegan, natural, waterproof SPF 30 sun protectant. Apply once or twice a day, avoiding the eyes and mouth, and have fun sunbathing or splashing around outside. Available locally at Arctic Baby Bottoms or taylorsnatural. com.
Kids prone to cuts and scrapes when hitting the trails? Fear no more: CJ’s BUTTer Quick Stick is the perfect size to carry in a purse, pocket or diaper bag, ready for quick application against insect bites, burns, cuts, chaffing, calluses, diaper rashes – and, in a pinch, it also makes a great hair pomade! Available locally at Arctic Baby Bottoms or online at
Curate the perfect camp care package for your kid’s first overnight camp, starting with Camp Daze Mad Libs. Mad Libs will help kids break the ice with their new bunkmates, generating laughs all while exercising their grammar skills and playing with language. Available at Just Imagine Toys, Walmart and Target.
Pregnant? Explore all your options with Haven Midwifery and Birth Center.
We provide home and birth center options, accept all insurance, and offer Dream
Catcher Network.
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