Calling All Parents!

Now's your chance to share your hard-earned wisdom and fabulous family stories with parents throughout Alaska. Check out the writing opportunities below and then respond before the deadline!

Alaska Parent is currently accepting the following submissions, written in first-person:

  1. Stress-free Birthday Parties: Children’s birthday parties have become much more elaborate these days and it’s easy for parents to feel overwhelmed by the idea of throwing the “perfect” party. Share your tips and advice on how you’ve planned a fun birthday bash for your kid(s) – minus the stress. What are some creative ideas for making it an extra special day – all while saving time, money and sanity?
  2. Imagine more Imagination: Busyness, video screens and more are robbing some kids of this valuable trait. How do you foster imagination in your kids on a consistent basis? Give us an example of how you’ve seen it work and a tip or two that can be replicated. We’re looking for more than just painting a picture or dancing to music.
  3. How to Travel with Tweens/Teens – and Love it: Tweens and teens are in that age of change, so family trips and vacations can take on new questions and struggles. Share your top tips for traveling with tweens/teens and how to plan a trip that everyone can enjoy.
  4. Generosity: How have you fostered generosity in your young child either in the home or beyond? Is there a creative or ongoing way you’ve helped your child share money or personal belongings? Tell us about it with examples and ideas.
  5. Packing a Better School Lunch: It’s easy to slip into the PB&J habit – but boy is it boring. Worse part? That sandwich may never get into the intended child’s stomach. What are your creative tips for making lunches that your child will actually eat?
  6. Confidence Builder: Share a hands-on approach that helped your child grow in confidence without giving way to his/her fears. What did you do and how did your child respond? Include your tips and show us how they’ve worked.

Word Count: 200-550 words
Article Type: First-person narrative*
Payment: $40, on acceptance
Date Due: by April 14
Submit to:
Submissions must include your name, mailing address, and phone number.

Acceptance or Rejection: Alaska Parent appreciates your submissions. If your story was not accepted within 7 weeks of submission, it was not chosen for publication. We hope to work with you on a different article at a later time.

*Articles should be written in first person, and they must have practical ideas that our readers can implement in their own parenting. (Tip: We generally select articles that are strong on the practical parenting side. Good stories are important, but there must be some take-away value for our readers.)

(If you have an idea that is outside of our call for submissions and want to send us an unsolicited query or article, send it to For more information, see our writer guidelines at: