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  Back-to-School CHECKLIST
With summer almost over, it’s time to get your kids (and the whole family) ready for a new school year. Use this checklist to help make the transition a smooth one.
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Prepare a quiet area for a homework station.
Schedule dental, vision and other medical appointments as needed.
Practice getting back into a bedtime routine.
Find new recipes for lunches and snacks.
Create a menu calendar for planning weekday meals.
Sign up kids for sports/after-school activities.
Buy school clothing and supplies.
Organize and declutter closet; donate old clothes and shoes.
Set up a family calendar. Color-code everyone’s activities.
Write important school dates on calendar.
Create an “organization station” near the door (a bin for paperwork, hooks for coats and backpacks, etc.). Clean last year’s school backpack (if reusing).
Schedule haircuts as needed.
Discuss goals for the year.
Reach out to your child’s teacher.
If your child is anxious, do a “trial-run” of the first day of school.
Read a back-to-school book.
Plan a special outing or treat for after the first day.

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