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Celebrate the start of a new school year by taking memorable back-to-school photos. Display a favorite shot in this DIY school bus photo frame and showcase it on your fridge for added back-to-school cheer. Here is everything you need to make this simple and fun craft.
• Paint 6 craft sticks yellow, 1 craft stick silver (bumper), and 1 craft stick black (wheels).
• Build the bus by gluing the sticks in place.
• Break or cut the black craft stick in half and glue to back of bus so you can see the wheels in front.
• Add the license plate (with “Back to School” on it, or other text of your choice – get creative!) and the red brake lights with glue.
• Flip the bus over and glue (or tape) your child’s photo in place. Attach magnets with glue.
• Now display your cute school bus photo frame on the fridge and cherish those first day of school memories.
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• 8 craft/popsicle sticks
• Yellow, black and silver paint
(or paint pens)
• Paint brush
• Glue
• Scissors
• 2 red craft jewels or sequins
(for brake lights)
• Small square of white paper
(for the license plate)
• Photo of child (4” x 6”)
• 2 magnets
• Paper plate

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