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    What the Night Sings
By Vesper Stamper
The Remember Balloons
By Jessie Oliveros
What’s Happening to Grandpa meets Up in this tender picture book that gently explains the memory loss associated with aging and diseases
such as Alzheimer’s. James’ grandpa has the best balloons filled with
the best memories. He has balloons showing Dad when he was young
and Grandma when they were married. Grandpa also has a silver balloon filled with the memory of a fishing trip he and James took together. But when Grandpa’s balloons begin to float away, James can’t catch them and is heartbroken. One day, Grandpa lets go of the silver balloon – and he doesn’t even notice! Grandpa no longer has balloons of his own. But James has many more than before. It’s up to him to share those balloons, one by one. Winner of the Schneider Family Book Award for books that embody an artistic expression of the disability experience.
Ages: 5-9
   After losing her family and everything she knew in the Nazi concentration camps, Gerta is finally liberated, only to find herself completely alone. Without her papa, her music, or even her true identity, she must move past the task of surviving and on to living her life. In the displaced persons camp where she is staying, Gerta meets Lev, a fellow teen survivor who she just might be falling for, despite her feelings for someone else. With a newfound Jewish identity she never knew she had, and a return to the life of music she thought she lost forever, Gerta must choose how to build a new future. Winner of the William C. Morris Award for a debut book published by a first-time author writing for teens.
Ages: 12 and up
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The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle
By Leslie Connor
Mason Buttle is the biggest, sweatiest kid in his grade, and everyone knows he can barely read or write. Mason’s learning disabilities are compounded by grief. Fifteen months ago, his best friend, Benny Kilmartin, turned up dead in the Buttle family’s orchard. An investigation drags on, and honest Mason can’t understand why Lieutenant Baird won’t believe the story he has told about that day. Both Mason and his new friend, tiny Calvin Chumsky, are relentlessly bullied by the other neighbor boys, so they create an underground club space for themselves. When Calvin goes missing, Mason finds himself in trouble again. He’s desperate to figure out what happened to Calvin, and eventually, Benny. But will anyone believe him? Winner of the Schneider Family Book Award for middle grades.
Ages: 11-13

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