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   KIDS AND MAGNETS: ThThe dangers of attraction
The saying “kids will put anything in their mouths” is a saying for a reason. That’s one of the reasons the Consumer Product Safety Commission halted the sale of high- powered magnet sets and ordered a recall of them in 2012. The small magnets began showing up in toys in the early 2000s and have caused thousands of injuries. They’re considered among the most dangerous ingestion hazards in kids.
If a child swallows a single magnet, it
can become lodged in the throat, lungs
or esophagus, causing choking, difficulty breathing or damage to the area. If more than one is swallowed, the magnets attract to each other across tissue, cutting off blood supply to the bowel and causing obstructions, tissue death, sepsis and even death, according to Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
The safety commission introduced a rule that basically banned the sale of these magnets, but it was overturned by an appeals court in December 2016. Since then, calls to U.S. poison control centers about kids and magnets increased more than 400 percent, a recent study out of Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio found.
To prevent an accident from happening, get rid of any toys that have magnets
in them. Any child who has swallowed magnets should be taken to the emergency room immediately.
If your child swallows something, don’t wait for symptoms to appear. If you are uncertain or concerned about something your child has swallowed, you can also contact the National Poison Center hotline: 1-800-222-1222.
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 For many busy families, breakfast is rushed and on- the-go as kids and parents gobble up whatever’s on- hand as they try to get to school and work on time. This sometimes results in breakfast being skipped entirely, which makes for grumbling tummies and wandering minds long before lunchtime.
 Try these combinations (and make more of your own) to create nutritious breakfast options
that are delicious and fast. Many of these quick breakfasts can be made in minutes the night before to save time in the morning.
• Egg burrito (scrambled eggs and cheese wrapped up in a tortilla can be customized with just about anything, from chunks of sweet potato and avocado to shredded chicken) with fruit on the side
• Fruit kebabs and yogurt
• Greek yogurt with nuts, granola and berries
• Homemade trail mix
• Mini muffins
• Quesadilla with beans and cheese
• Raisin bread with cottage or ricotta cheese
• Waffles with nut butter
• Whole-wheat bagel or toast with nut butter and bananas
• Whole-wheat English muffins with turkey and cheese or with fruit and yogurt

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