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 flowing. This app has 40 virtual dice, each with six images from different categories, for a total of 240 images. Kids shake their devices to roll the dice and create stories that connect all the images. Encourage your kids to use this app with their friends to see who comes up with the most suspenseful or fun stories.
(Available at: Apple Appstore; Age range: 5-12)
TeleStory is an app that lets your kids pretend that they’re television producers, directors and writers who star in their own shows. They plan their shows, write the scripts, record and perform in them, and then edit the completed shows.
It has templates for different kinds of shows that the kids can use if they need some extra inspiration.
Toontastic 3D
(Available at: Apple Appstore, Google Play; Age range: 5-12)
 Few things are more fun than making your own cartoons. Toontastic 3D is an app that lets you do just that. It includes various story outlines, scenes as well as dozens of colorful characters. Kids can either
 use those characters or create their own with simple drawing tools, press “record” and then move characters around and narrate the story with their own voice recording. They can add a musical score, and put all the pieces together in a single 3D cartoon.
Video Star
(Available at: Apple Appstore, Google Play; Age range: 13-18)
Video Star teaches kids how
to create and star in their own music videos. After selecting
a favorite song, they shoot a video that shows them lip- synching and/or dancing to the music. The app has hundreds of built-in visual and sound effects that they can use in their videos.
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