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   Go Fish
Ages 3+
Go Fish is a great way for young kids to learn how to play cards – how to hold them, how to deal, how to read the numbers, how to take turns.
   LITTLE KIDS (Ages 3-6)
Sneaky Snacky Squirrel
Ages 3-6
Spin the spinner, squeeze the matching colored acorn with your squirrel squeezer, and place it into your log. Be the first to fill your log with delicious acorns and you win.
  Eye Found It
Ages 3+
Eye Found is a board game for preschoolers that helps children practice their focus, memory, object identification and matching skills.
Ages 3+
Start down the “magical” road to sweet surprises! Players choose their cards, move
their pawns, and let their imaginations soar as they make their way to the castle to win!
Ages 6+
Use the tweezers to take out all of Cavity Sam’s 12 funny ailment parts that parents might remember, such as a wishbone, Charlie horse and Adam’s apple.
The Memory Game
Ages 3+
Can you remember what’s hiding where? It’s fun to find matching pictures of your favorite things. If you find the same two cards, you keep them. The player with the most pairs wins.
Mr. Bucket
Ages 3+
Scoop up the balls that match your colored shovel, and drop the balls into Mr. Bucket as he whirls and spins around the floor. Watch out: Mr. Bucket will try to block your ball with his hands and will even spit the balls right back out of his mouth!
Ages 6+
Chase, race, bump and slide! It’s so fun for players to say “sorry” to opponents as they bump them back, while they hustle their way to home base. Includes a fun coloring and activity sheet for kids.
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