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  Does your child love reading and writing? Do they have a knack for music? When they tell a story do they tend to use their whole body to describe what happened? Are
People who are drawn to the social learning style love working in groups or participating
in classes. They enjoy sharing their ideas with others and listening to what others think. Kids with this learning style are good at both verbal and nonverbal communication and understand others as well. People typically like being around the social learner and seek their advice or input when faced with problems. They prefer to work through challenges in a group and will often be found staying after class to chat with friends.
Study tips: Kids with this learning style will enjoy role playing, studying in groups, or sharing what they have learned with others.
People who are auditory learners are typically drawn to music. They may sing, play a musical instrument, or have the ability to pick individual musical instruments out of a piece of music. They may hum, sing, or tap their
they drawn to groups or do they prefer to work alone? These traits can give a clue about your child’s learning style.
It’s important for parents to understand their child’s learning style so that they can find study methods, environments and activities that help them learn best. Take a look at these different styles to help you identify the types of learners in your family, plus some tips to maximize their learning.
feet while they work.
Study tips: Using music and rhythm to help remember information can be useful for kids who have this learning style. It might also be helpful to record and playback things you want to remember, or read and recite information aloud.
Visual learners prefer seeing pictures and images to learn new things. They usually have good spatial awareness skills. Kids with this learning style understand maps and have a good sense of direction. They usually love doodling and drawing.
Study tips: Write information down, underline
or highlight as they read, use colorful diagrams, charts, and pictures to enable them to visualize what they want to remember.
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