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   Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Great for study groups, dance practice, sports, hikes, and so much more. Any time your teen wants some tunes, they have 12 hours of battery life with this portable speaker. Water resistant and available in Black, Ocean Blue, Teal (pictured), Red, and White. $89.99.
Gifts for Teens Resurrection Bay AK Starfish
Co. Pullover Hoodie
Does your teen like the ocean? Fishing? Anything maritime? If so, let them stand out from the crowd with a unique, unisex hoodie from AK Starfish Co, an Alaskan company. $65.
Classic Backpack
A stylish classic with a little bit of edge. Great for minimalists and teens that
like sleek styles, although no backpack can guarantee that their homework will actually make it home! $79.99. Available locally from Blue & Gold Boardshop.
            Gifts Kids Can Give
PRINTS. All you need is a child’s cooperation, some paint, and a little creativity to make a gift that will be cherished for years. Handprints, fingerprints, and even footprints
can be used to make a variety
of crafts and art. Websites like Pinterest are full of ideas of how to make a handprint into a picture of Santa, a Christmas tree, reindeer, or snowmen. There are literally hundreds of possibilities. Try putting your child’s prints on an apron, ornament, tea towel, oven mitt, or T-shirt to give to a special someone.
Make sure to follow the directions on the paint to ensure that the design lasts for years. As a bonus, your kids will love getting messy during the process.
TASTY TREATS. Kids love to help out in the kitchen, so why not put together some tasty treats for some sweet people in your life? Get the kids involved in the holiday baking and put together a plate of cookies the kids can help deliver to a neighbor or friend. Putting
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on A Small Budget
By Sarah Lyons
There is nothing more heartwarming than a gift made by a child. Handmade gifts are affordable, fun to make, and can be given to parents, grandparents, teachers, and siblings. Here are some gifts that are sure to make someone special smile this holiday season. winter 2020/21 alaska parent 27

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