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 ask the expert: the early years
At this important milestone, I suggest selecting books that have simple, repetitive words, yet still grab the reader. Typically these easy reader, or early reader, books have illustrations on every page and are character driven. Look for books that contain words your child is learning, so that the child may be able to read the entire book.
Some easy reader publishers indicate the level of reading on the spine and cover of the books. However, be aware that publishers may use different ranges when indicating their reading level, and parents can assist by looking over the book to make sure it is appropriate to their child’s ability. Parents can also help their child take ownership of his or her reading by preselecting several books and allowing the child to pick out a couple of their favorites to read.
Now that our child is learning to read, what are some ways we can help her get excited about reading and encourage her to appreciate books? Any tips for nurturing a love of reading that can last a lifetime?
As your child grows, it is important to allow them to select books that they are interested in, especially when motivating reluctant readers. Of course, a fun trip to your local library is always nice; spend time there, enjoy reading a book together and explore the library’s reading programs.
One of the healthiest hobbies my family began when my children were learning to read was to establish a time in the evenings where we all spent 20 to 30 minutes reading before bed. Children notice when parents spend time reading and see this activity as customary. The child can read silently to themselves, read out loud to their caregiver or sibling, or you could read a book to your child. This is a wonderful intimate time to cuddle up with your child and explore the wonderful world of books together.
 James Adcox has served as a Library Assistant and Youth Services } {Coordinator for the Kenai Community Library for three years. James leads
weekly story times, implements summer reading programs and develops children’s programming for the library. Visit
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