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In the age of smartphones, Netflflix, and busy lives in general, family time often gets neglected for other things. However, spending quality time as a family is important for the strength
of your family. One great way to incorporate family time into your busy life is to plan and
schedule a family game night. Get the kids involved and pick some games that are fun for all ages, set down the electronics, set out some snacks and enjoy some time together. Here are some great benefifits you will enjoy by making time for family game night.
Affordable family fun
Not only is game night a great way to bond
as a family but it is much more affordable than other family outings such as going to the movies
or visiting local attractions like the zoo. These activities often cost $10 or more per person, not including food and drinks. Game night is a frugal and fun way to enjoy family time because a one- time purchase of a new game costing $20-50 can be enjoyed repeatedly for years to come.
Conversation starter
Many parents struggle with getting conversation started with their kids, especially teens. Conversation flows more easily as you play games together. Games can create healthy competition, teamwork, and bring up topics that you might not
normally discuss. It also helps build a bond and trust between family members.
Screen free time
If your family is anything like mine, screen
time limitations are a challenge, not just for
the kids but for the adults in the family as well. Intentionally setting our phones aside while we play a game together gives all of us a break from the constant barrage of social media and other digital distractions and frees us to take the time to focus on each other.
Build reading skills
Games are a great way for kids to build their reading and comprehension skills. If you really want to work on these skills, choose games that will help
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