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   How to be a Sports Surgeon Kit This Little Medical School “Classroom in a Box” offers aspiring sports surgeons a wide variety of hands-on and educational activities.
The How to
be a Sports Surgeon Kit can be enjoyed multiple
times with five activities: Lend me a Hand; Skeleton; Sprains and
Strains; Joints; and Tommy John Surgery. Students conclude their activities with a graduation ceremony and diploma. This kit is designed for children (6+) and can be used independently or with adult supervision. Visit
Square Panda The Square Panda Multisensory Phonics Playset blends physical and digital learning
as it keeps kids entertained through age-appropriate games grounded in research-based curriculum. Every play session guides children through the game as they explore the alphabet, letter sounds, discover rhymes, build vocabulary and more. The set includes 46 tactile smart letters that a child places on a sturdy work station (12”x9”) to play interactive games. Access
a customizable Parent Portal database that stores children’s words, pictures, milestones and learning progress. For ages 2-8. Visit
Inflatable Labeling Globe
Customize this write-and-wipe globe to enrich geography, history, literature and social studies
lessons. Locate and
label continents,
bodies of water,
countries, trade
routes and
more. Includes
activity guide,
repair kit, and
display hook and
string. Use with
wet-erase markers.
Measures 27” in
diameter. For ages 5-10.
Available locally at Classic
Toys, or for a full list of local
retailers, visit
Dash Robot The Wonder Workshop Dash Robot is the perfect toy for teaching kids the basics of coding and robotics. Using free mobile apps, your child can make the tiny robot dance, light up, make sounds, avoid obstacles, and react to their voice. In addition to the coding adventures and projects, kids will also develop patience and problem-solving skills through the endless possibilities for freeform play. The Dash Robot has received numerous national toy awards and high reviews on established tech sites. For ages 6 and up. Visit
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