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  Take a day to plan random acts of kindness as a family.
Hold a hula hoop contest. See which family member can hula the longest.
     Go fishing. The Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game stocks many lakes throughout Alaska, increasing your kids’ chances of taking home their very own catch. Jewel Lake in Anchorage, for example, is stocked with Chinook salmon, rainbow trout and Arctic char.
Ride bikes as a family.
      Start learning a new language.
Duolingo is a great app which makes learning a new language fun and easy. (
Have one person start a story for 60 seconds. Then the next continues it for another 60 seconds and so on.
Tackle DIY projects.
Have a project that just never gets done? Buy a bucket of paint and repaint that living room or bedroom while jamming to favorite tunes.
   Have a luau in the backyard. Make flower leis, play Hawaiian music and serve tropical foods and drinks.
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Listen to kid-approved podcasts
The best podcasts for kids entertain and inform. These podcasts are so much
fun the whole family will
want to listen! Slip on some headphones and
test-drive these kid-approved audio podcasts.
• Story Time (ages 2-3) – Lots of great stories (less than 20 minutes long) for toddlers and preschoolers to listen to
• Storynory (ages 3+) – Fairy tales, original stories, myths, poems, music, history and more
• What If World (all kids) – Takes “What if?” questions from kids and spins them into stories
• Brains On! (kids & teens) – Kid co-hosts join to find answers to fascinating questions
• Aaron’s World (ages 3-9)– An imaginative science-themed audio drama for kids
• Wow in the World (ages 6-12) – Amazing stories about science and technology
• The Past and the Curious (ages 5-8) – True stories of inspiration, humor, and incredible achievements
• KiDNuZ (ages 8-14) – Nonpartisan news, politics, science, entertainment, sports, and more
• Flyest Fables (ages 7-12) – Anthology-style fables for the 21st century
• Story Pirates (ages 3-8) – Stories written by kids, for kids
• Brains On (Ages 6-12) – This silly yet educational podcast takes kid-submitted science questions and answers them with the help of experts
• Short and Curly (ages 7+) – A fun-filled (and sometimes silly) podcast for kids all about ethical questions that get kids and adults thinking

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