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 One of the most important things 1 Free Stuff!
parents can do is to raise a reader.
Successful reading leads to success in academics and gives kids a solid start in life. In fact, recent research shows that kids who read at least 15 minutes a day have accelerated reading gains.
But no matter how diligent parents are at supporting reading, sometimes kids resist. Books have to compete with those oh-so- scintillating devices, video games, smart phones and TV streaming apps.
Why not shake things up a bit and try some stealthy ways to hook a book lover? The following 10 ideas are sure to win over the most reluctant reader.
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By Janeen Lewis
If your kids don’t believe you, ask Siri or Google “what free stuff can kids earn by reading” and oodles of items will pop up. By merely recording the titles they are reading, my own children have earned these things free: Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizzas, frozen yogurt, books from Barnes and Noble, and amusement park tickets. One time my son turned in the most reading logs in our local summer reading program and got to be interviewed on the radio by a DJ. She gave him a basket of goodies including movie tickets for our whole family.
Don’t cage them up on the shelves! Research shows that kids from print-rich homes are better readers, but it helps if the books, magazines and newspapers are out where kids can see them.
When my son was 8, he announced that he didn’t want to read non-fiction books because
Let the books out
 Hook a Book Lover

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