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     Pack a picnic to enjoy at your favorite local park.
Can’t get to Brooks River to view the bears? Watch them on the Bearcam! July is the best time to see them fishing at Brooks Falls; however, bears are in the area from mid spring until mid fall. ( learn/photosmultimedia/webcams.htm)
In Seward, take to the bay with Kenai Fjords Tours to capture great views of the glaciers and the many species of wildlife (puffins and otters and orcas – oh my!). (
Go on a virtual tour of one of
these 12 famous museums. ( galleries/museums-with-virtual-tours)
Go “Where The
Wild Things Are.” Visit with the furry, horned beasts at
the Musk Ox Farm
in Palmer. Added bonus: the chance to see a baby musk ox! (
Have a bubble blowing contest.
Watch a classic family movie. For ideas, visit cant_miss_stories.
                                             Learn about the benefits of ladybugs, then purchase some to set free in your own yard.
                 Feed a fish. Every Tuesday and Friday at 4 pm, the public is invited to help feed the sea creatures in the aquaria at the Pratt Museum, Homer. It’s free and fun for all. (
Go bird watching.
Head to Creamer’s
Field Migratory
Waterfowl Refuge
in Fairbanks
where many
different migratory
birds (Sandhill
cranes, shovelers,
mallards and
more) make their
summer home.
Walk the 5 miles
of family-friendly
trails through the
meadows and
forest to spot even
more wildlife – moose, snowshoe hares, squirrels or red fox. (
       Go play in the mud. June 29th is International Mud Day –
this is official permission to play in the mud. Seriously!
Bike the Coastal
Trail. The 11-mile Tony Knowles Coastal Trail follows the Anchorage Coastline from downtown Anchorage to its present end at Kincaid Park. With beautiful scenery it’s a great bike ride for kids and there are plenty of parks along the way for picnics and rest stops.
      Make a time capsule. Have each family member write down something they are grateful for and include a special item in the time capsule. Then, store it away until a designated date. You can open it as early as Thanksgiving or as far off as high school graduation.
Start a summer journal.
Encourage your child to draw, write poetry, pen short stories, or just journal their feelings in a special notebook.
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